What is a turbocharger

A turbocharger is actually a two-part element – a turbine and a compressor. Its main task is to provide more air to the combustion chamber. The turbocharger is powered by gases that get out of the combustion chamber into the exhaust system. The turbocharger is mounted to increase the torque and power of the engine.

Getting into detail in the construction, we can split the turbocharger into a hot and cold part. This division takes place due to the presence of gases flowing through it. The hot part is the element through which the vehicle exhaust passes, while the cold part gets air which is supplied to the combustion chamber.The turbocharger also includes sealing rings, slide and thrust bearings as well as oil channels. As you can see, the turbocharger is a complicated element, unfortunately also an emergency one.

What to do in the event of a turbocharger failure?

The first thing to do in the event of a turbocharger failure is to turn off the engine. Remember that moving with a damaged turbocharger gearbox is unacceptable and can be disastrous. The most common symptom of turbocharger problems is black, dense smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe and a sudden drop in power. In this case, we have nothing else but to use Assistance and transport the damaged vehicle to the mechanic. And here the problem arises: what to do with a damaged turbocharger?

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Of course, the best solution would be to buy a new one, but its cost is very high, and in extreme cases exceeds the value of the vehicle. In this situation, the best solution is to give the turbocharger for regeneration. However, before we decide on this solution, let’s check carefully which company is trustworthy.One of the key information is the warranty on the turbine after regeneration – the longer the better. The absolute minimum is a year since the repair.

Pros and minus

The biggest advantage of turbocharger regeneration is its price – much lower than the purchase of a new one. Unfortunately, regeneration also has disadvantages … As the name suggests, it is a regeneration, i.e. replacing worn elements. Many plants providing such services decide to replace all components except the housing – this is a very reasonable solution, providing practically 100% certainty of trouble-free operation of the turbocharger over the years. The only question is whether all will be well pounds ozone, and the parts used in its regeneration are of the highest quality. This, unfortunately, we can never be sure.

Before handing the turbocharger to regeneration, it is worth consulting the given plant. Unfortunately, despite relatively large changes in the service market, we can still find an unreliable company that provides low-level services.

The regeneration of the turbocharger is a very good solution, provided that people who know how to complete the entire process and use parts of the highest quality will take care of it.