The most common lies of car dealers

Never crashed, with a low mileage and a service book, from an older man – these are the most popular holds of car dealers. Many buyers treat them with reserve, but used car salesmen can use much more sophisticated tricks.

At the outset, it should be noted that all traders cannot be treated stereotypically. Each of them earns a living trying to buy a car cheaper and sell more expensive. There are more and more sellers who bring relatively expensive but well-groomed cars with full documentation. Unfortunately, many offers from dealers still have to be treated with a large reserve – blind giving a description to the seller exposes us to a high risk. It should also be remembered that often the trader himself does not know what he sells – after a cursory inspection, he buys a car from a foreign owner or commission, arrives in Poland and immediately puts it on sale.

The car is ready for registration

Such a password means that the vehicle is not registered in the country. The buyer will have to pay the excise (unless it has been paid for, for cars with a capacity of up to 2 liters is 3.1% of the value, for the others – 18.6%) and pay for the first registration (after the abolition of the recycling fee is 256 pounds). A registration review (approximately 100 pounds ) and translation of documents (150 pounds ) may also be required. You need to check how much the registration will really cost and if the seller has all the necessary documents.

Full equipment

Nowadays, many manufacturers – especially premium cars – use complex configurators, and some options are mutually exclusive (eg sports seats cannot be ordered with a ventilation function). Therefore the slogan “full option” is rather a decoy, and the sellers often write them out. In order to check the exact scope of the equipment of a given copy, it is best to ask for a VIN number and use the online decoder or help of users of the forum of the given car brand. Warning! When inspecting, it is necessary to check the operation of individual accessories – from the air conditioning system through the electrics of the seats to the active suspension.

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Counter status

The withdrawal of used car counters is a frequent practice among traders. It is true that in 2014, the “Vehicle history” service was introduced (it allows to check the mileage of cars registered in Poland during periodic technical studies at, but many copies go to the “correction” just after importing, before the first review. This can be seen after the runs in the announcements: in the case of many models, they amount to a maximum of 200,000. km, although the average-class diesel is often over 30,000 km per year. For 10 years, it gives 300,000 km. And such buyers bypass, afraid of a serious failure. Meanwhile, they still buy a car with a lot of mileage, but … they do not know about it.

A warm engine

Knowing the date and time of the inspection, the traders can heat up the car’s engine beforehand to hide the glitches that make themselves “cold”. Therefore, when choosing to meet with the seller, ask for not driving the car or give the exact time of the visit.