Synthetic oils from the premium shelf

The fact that the oil is called “synthetic” by the manufacturer does not necessarily mean that it has 100%. high-quality oil bases. We check, therefore, which products are distinguished by the best characteristics allowing them to be included in the premium class.

Not all “synthetics” are the same

Not every synthetic oil provides just as good protection for the engine. It is influenced by many factors, among which the most important is the composition of the oil base. In many of the best lubricants, it is based primarily on bases from the IV and V groups, hence high-quality particles created as a result of chemical synthesis.

For the needs of the production of synthetic oils, the base No. III, resulting from the distillation of crude oil, is also used. However, it shows more weaknesses compared to higher groups, hence the top products, in theory, should not have too many of them. In practice, however, the quality of lubricants is determined by specific parameters, illustrating even the way in which the oil behaves under high-temperature conditions.

Check: Scratches on plastic bumper

Millers is a brand that could be considered anonymous in the eyes of the average driver, but it does not mean that it produces products of poor quality. It turns out that the composition of the oils of the English brand is predominantly dominated by synthetic bases from group IV, allowing to achieve very good parameters in the context of thermal stability. Millers produces full-value synthetic lubricants. Among the top oils, the manufacturers can be distinguished, for example, models from the EE Longlife series with Nanodrive technology limiting friction forces. Five packs of oil with a viscosity of 5W30 need to pay about 200 pounds.

The most popular Motul oil models are an exception to the rule because they contain a significant proportion of petroleum derivatives (Group III), but still, achieve very good chemical properties. Particularly recommended are Specific and 8100 X- Clean models with high resistance to oil film breaking at high temperatures and a good TBN coefficient, showing the ability to neutralize by-products of combustion. It is hardly surprising that Motul products are so often recommended. In addition, they do not cost a lot of money, for a five-liter 8100 X- Clean oil pack you need to pay about 130 pounds.