How to prepare a car for travel?

This year we are waiting for too long May weekends, so it’s worth planning a trip at least on one of them. At the last moment, the best and most independent means of transport is a car. However, in order for the journey to proceed without any problems, the vehicle must be prepared properly.

Traveling by car during the May weekend is a great idea. Lack of restrictions in the form of hand luggage or lack of space in the suitcase is the main advantage of traveling on your own. At any time, we can stop to rest or visit interesting places along the route. The most common mistake made by drivers is the lack of proper preparation of the car for travel. With this action, we can spoil the whole vacation before we can reach the destination. We can not fix most faults on the roadside, even if our knowledge of motoring is above average. In the worst case scenario, we will find ourselves when the engine fails.Therefore, before a long trip, it is worth reviewing the car, as well as equip yourself with instruments that will improve the comfort of driving.

Fluid control

Preparing a car for travel should start by checking the operating fluids. If the time for the oil change is approaching slowly, we strongly recommend that you do so before setting off. This is the most important fluid, the loss of which will quickly lead to serious engine damage. Also, check the condition of the refrigerant liquid and if necessary top up its deficiency, preferably with the same agent. Do not forget about adding the windscreen washer fluid, which contrary to appearances, will significantly facilitate travel in all weather conditions.

Do not forget about the formalities

The step that is often overlooked by drivers is to check the date of the required technical inspection and obligatory OC policy. If we miss the payment of the premium, we can have serious problems. Even if we do not come across a roadside check, in case of even a small accident, we will not avoid trouble. In the absence of a review or insurance, we will be forced to pay a large penalty, as well as cover the losses resulting from the collision from your own pocket, even if it is not caused by our fault. It’s good to have a “statement of the collision offender” print. In turn, if we are going abroad, it is necessary to check what regulations are in force in a given country and what documents should we carry with us.

Air conditioning review

Its failure may not stop us on the side of the road, but it will certainly worsen the driving comfort in the event of hot weather. There is nothing to hide – air conditioning in the modern world is a car equipment, without which it is difficult to get around. Before leaving, it is worth going to the service for refilling the coolant and checking the tightness. You can also try to indulge yourself.

Condition of tires

Tires are the only element of the vehicle that has direct contact with the surface. We can not continue driving without smooth tires. In order to avoid problems on the route before departure, the condition of the tires should be carefully checked. It is very important to maintain the appropriate pressure in them, which should be regularly monitored. In most cars, information about the correct air value can be found on the fuel filler flap. Do not forget about the spare wheel, which in many cases turns out to be the only rescue board. If we do not have the stock, it is worth equipping yourself with a spare tire in the spray.